Filmmaker Julia Finkernagel has a degree in communication design and has completed a successful management career at Frankfurt International Airport. After a travel-and-write-about-it sabbatical she turned to filmmaking.


Since 2008, Julia has been telling about foreign countries and cultures in her films. It is »the different« that fascinates her, makes her smile or frown, or grabs hold of her like the true story of Wishing Well/Die Brunnenfrau.


Julia Finkernagel established herself as a freelance writer and director at several stations within ARD and ARTE. She specialises in reportages about foreign countries but most of all, about people.


For her reportage series “Ostwärts” (Eastbound) she has visited people and learned about their habits and traditions in countries like Russia, Mongolia, all Eastern Europe to the Silk Road. So far, there are 43 episodes from 15 countries (as of 2017).


Furthermore she has worked as producer for three years for the genealogy documentary series “Die Spur der Ahnen” (Traces of the Ancestors).


Meanwhile she developed her cinematic skills. She wrote the screenplay "Wishing Well" in the course of a one-year qualification programme for filmmakers (TP2 Talent Pool). The short film was shot in 2013 in Andalusia/Spain, premiered in 2014 and is her director’s debut in the domain of feature films. It has won several prices and was shown in 16 countries across four continents.